Anti-Muslim Propaganda Rising Abroad

For years, anti-Russia and anti-China sentiments have dominated the airwaves in America and around the world. But it seems that many people both here and abroad are growing tired with the sometimes unfounded attacks on America’s biggest adversaries. While decreasing resentment against Russia and China isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s disheartening to see those passions wither in proportion to increasing anger towards Muslims on a global front.

We spend a great deal of time sharing statistics about anti-Muslim resentment and hate crime in the United States, but the truth is more sinister: this is a global problem.

Studies related to anti-Muslim hate crimes in Austria, France, and Germany show a significant rise since 2017. Perhaps not so surprisingly, women were the most likely targets of this hatred.

This social conflict has become even worse since the pandemic started. The Council of Europe’s anti-racism commission (ECRI) said that COVID-19 created an “overall regression in human rights in Europe.”

These conflicts were even more apparent where racial profiling was concerned. Cases of police brutality against Muslim minorities were more widespread.

An ECRI report suggested that more activism is needed to “not only heed the systemic nature of racism but also take a holistic and intersectional approach to dismantle the powerful social hierarchies behind it.” It also called for awareness “about the historical dimensions of racism and inequalities, especially colonialism and slavery, whose legacies have affected the whole of Europe.”

Even abroad, public resentment was shifted to target migrants and asylum seekers. These are the people who were most at risk when resources became even more limited in the wake of COVID-19. Muslims experienced increased health risks, violence, and reduced housing.”

Social media has allowed many unfounded conspiracy theories to explode, especially where the origin of the coronavirus is concerned. This has led to a higher number of hate crimes against those of Asian descent. Although much of the anger is devoted to those who worship Islam, all marginalized groups have experienced substantial increases in hate crimes perpetrated against them.