City Of Dallas Offers Legal Search Engine To Help Muslim Americans

Finding the right kind of legal help can be a huge chore — especially since most people question when they might need it at all. The answer is usually simple. If you start wondering whether or not you need a lawyer, then you probably do. Minorities face yet another obstacle: discrimination. Most people in most “public service” professions, such as firefighters, police officers, judges, and lawyers, just want to help. But some will put up barriers based on prejudice.

A search engine called “Muslim Lawyers” helps those who might be more predisposed to prejudice find high-quality bankruptcy legal help for a number of related issues.

The engine description states: “We will submit your legal issue to licensed, pre-screened Muslim personal bankruptcy attorneys in Dallas, Texas who match your search criteria. We verify the licenses of attorneys whom we connect clients with once a year and require them to maintain a zero misconduct record with the state agency issuing their license.”

Be warned, however, that using this engine does not guarantee legal help, nor does submitting information via the contact form create a connection. It simply facilitates the act of connecting. Finding the right attorney for you is still your responsibility. An attorney is not obligated to take your case or offer you legal advice — although most will offer free legal advice during the consultation phase.

In order to find a qualified Dallas bankruptcy lawyer, the client will have to use the contact form to describe their case in a few words. You’ll also want to provide your email address and phone number to guarantee a reply. 

Need any other kind of legal help in the Dallas area? No problem. The same engine can be used to find help related to business law, IP law, Civil Rights law, Immigration law, etc. Simply click on “practice areas” and find the practice area most suited to your case. Don’t worry if you’re not entirely sure which practice area is right for your case — you’ll be pointed in the right direction!

Keep in mind that this search engine provides a prospective client with a directory of Muslim lawyers. It can be used by anyone! And another option on the contact form allows prospective clients to check a box to find additional “non-Muslim” attorneys in the region. These options simply make it easier for practicing Muslims to reduce the chance of discrimination in complicated legal matters.

Those prospective clients who wish to find additional legal resources might find it useful to research the City of Dallas, the Dallas Court system, or the Dallas Police Department directly. If you have been attacked or injured in an accident, we recommend contacting the police immediately. If you believe that you were treated unjustly in court, we recommend seeking a second option from new counsel. Whatever you need, you can find qualified, unbiased help as long as you know where to look!