Could There Be A Muslim Woman In Congress?

In Detroit, Michigan, for over 50 years Republican John Conyers held a House of Representative seat. He resigned last year after sexual harassment allegations.

On Tuesday, August 7th, District 13 had a primary election. Not one Republican ran in the race. Democrats elected Rashida Tlaib, 42-year-old Detroit native. Not only did she clinch the Democratic nomination, she also won the right to run opposed, meaning in November’s election she is guaranteed to win and will be serving her full two-year term starting in January of 2019.

Rashida is not nervous about being the first. She is the eldest of 14 siblings, the first one in her family to earn their high school, college and law degree as well as being the first Muslim Woman to be elected to Michigan’s legislature.

There are other Muslim Woman running for Congress but their primary elections have not yet occurred nor are they guaranteed to win even if they do win their primary. But there could be Muslim Woman congress members in Minnesota, Arizona, and Massachusetts as well.

There have been Mulsim Men in Congress, Republican Keith Ellison of Minnesota was the first. But both of these men are African-American. Tlaib would have another first distinction as being the first Arab Muslim to be in Congress.

What is interesting to note is that District 13 only has about 5% of their voters who identify as Arab American. She won her district due to her politics and her reputation as a state lawmaker. She is known as an environmental activist and a vocal critic of Trump. On her campaign trail, she indicated that she’s push for the President’s impeachment.

What makes Tlaib stand out is her ability to stay true to her self in adversity which might come in handy if the mid-term elections do not go as Democratic as people think. For more information visit website.