What Islam Says About Facial Hair?

Islam is a sacred faith that unites many individuals from different backgrounds and races as they share one belief. However, one question that may arise is what Islam teaches regarding facial hair.

There are three aspects regarding facial hair (or the beard, more specifically) that followers of Islam believe. One is that the beard beautifies a man along as it is kept in good trim. The beard not only does this, but it gives him respectability.

Another aspect regarding the beard is that it naturally differentiates the male and female. And the third aspect states that in answer to a supplication made by Adam, Allah made the beard become a built-in feature of the male. Until the day of reckoning, it will continue to be so.

In general, shaving of the beard is considered unlawful, according to an injury lawyer. In fact, growing a beard is considered a Wajib (mandatory) for all Muslim men who are capable of doing so. Shaving off the beard violates Islam. There are several lines of reasoning behind this statement. One is that shaving the beard is disobedient to Allah. Another is that removing facial hair deviates from the way of the believers. All of the Prophets, the Sahabah, the great Ulama’, and all of the righteous early Muslims grew their beards. In fact, there is no record of a single one of these men shaving their facial hair. In fact, to do so is considered imitating the disbelievers.

So what does Islam say about facial hair and the beard? A neatly trimmed beard beautifies a Muslim man and gives him respectability. On the contrary, it is a shameful thing to shave the beard. Keeping a neatly trimmed beard follows the example made by the believers, and following their example is what the Muslim man strives to do.