It’s A Sad State Of Affairs for Muslim Americans

According to a new survey that was performed by John Sides, a political scientist, and Dalia Mogahed, a researcher, and the Democracy Fund Voter Survey Group, attitudes towards Muslim Americans are quite disturbing (albeit not too surprising). The survey showed that 20% of Americans believe the following:

  • Muslim Americans should not be allowed to vote
  • Muslim Americans are less proud to be American
  • Muslim Americans are more accepting of violence

While honor killings are indeed prevalent in many Muslim Communities oversees, there have been studies that contradict the sentiment that Muslim Americans condone violence. Mogahed does indeed argue that Muslim Americans are predisposed to violence but through ongoing polling in religious communities in the United States, she has found that Muslims are the least likely to agree with a government targetting and killing civilians.

Mogahed also continues to state that these Muslim American attitudes do not come from Muslim violence but from political campaigns and political rhetoric. Due to Trump’s very specific views on Islamic nations, the attitude towards Muslim Americans has changed for Republicans and Democrats. While more right learning people believe the bullet points above, those who lean to the left actually have a more favorable view of Muslims post 9/11. In a way, Trump has actually helped Muslim American views overall.

However, until the ignorance about Muslim Americans becomes solved there will also be that 1 out of 5 Americans who believe that Muslims are violent and should not be allowed to vote.