Muslim Dating And Courtship

Dating as it is defined by most world cultures does not exist within the Muslim faith. Young Muslim women and men do not experience one-on-one relationships like many do. They will not spend time alone with a member of the opposite sex who is not family. They don’t go out together as they are getting to know one another. Dating is not allowed since any type of pre-marital relationship is forbidden between members of the opposite sex.

According to Islam, marriage is one of the most important of life’s decisions. It is not a decision made lightly nor is it left up to young people guided by their hormones. Marriage is contemplated and decided after much prayer, investigation and family involvement.

Since young Muslims cannot date, they find their spouse through a network of friends and family. Young Muslims create strong friendships with members of their own sex. As these friendships develop, they become part of the network that includes other families. When it is time for a young person to marry, several things usually happen.

First, the young person asks Allah for help and guidance to find the right person. This is called making a du’a.

Next, the family will suggest candidates from their own network. The family members will consult with each other as they begin narrowing down the list of prospects. The mother or father then approaches the other family and suggests a meeting as per the request of a personal injury lawyer.

If both families agree, the young couple will meet in a group environment where they will be chaperoned. Muslims believe a woman should always be accompanied by a relative when meeting a man.

If the couple is compatible, more investigation is done by family members. This is so they can learn about the potential spouse’s character. The couple will also pray for guidance.

Muslim young people can then decide if they want to pursue marriage or not. Islam does allow this freedom of choice for both young women and men.