Trump To Extend Racist Travel Ban Targeting Muslim Countries

The Trump administration has certainly made its mark upon our society, fragmenting whatever was left of the illusion that we can all get along with those who believe differently. Now, the country is as divided as ever. One of Trump’s most controversial moves was implementing the initial ban on travel from several predominantly Muslim countries — except for the ones his organizations did business with, of course. 

It was a move that didn’t make much sense if the goal was keeping America safe. It’s not difficult for citizens of the targeted countries to bounce around until they make it to the states, if ever they were a danger at all. And while radicals — foreign-born and domestic — will always be a danger, they don’t belong to any one religion. America has more domestic terrorism than any other country in the world, and no one blames Christianity for it.

Trump now plans to take the ban to an entirely new group of people: African immigrants.

According to Politico, many of the countries on the list are in Africa. They suspect that Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania, and even Nigeria may be on the list. Why is the ban necessary?

Acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, said, “We’re establishing criteria that all foreign governments must satisfy to assist DHS in vetting foreign nationals seeking to enter our country … For a small number of countries that lack either the will or the capability to adhere to these criteria, travel restrictions may become necessary to mitigate threats.”

The argument shows little in the way of sensibility, but it’s what they went with the last time they instituted a travel ban and had to fight to have it upheld in the Supreme Court, so they might as well try the same one again.

From 1975 to 2016, it seems no one who was born in any of the proposed countries has ever killed an American as an act of terror. That’s why the Wall Street Journal reported there might be a different reason. Many travelers from some of the targeted countries have a disproportionately high incidence of overstaying their visas. So chalk it up to the fight against immigration, maybe.

Center for America Progress expert Tom Jawetz argued that if the laws were targeting immigrants, it wasn’t fair to those who worked within the confines of the system. Why punish everyone just to prevent the few who might overstay from entering the country? The Atlantic suggests that there might be still another reason: the 2020 elections require someone new, because we’ve already taken care of Latinos and Muslims.