US Might Sanction China Over Treatment of Muslims

Let’s think about this for two seconds. The United States who is clearly anti-Muslim and created a Muslim travel ban is going to impose sanctions on China for their Muslim detention camps. It’s good to know that this is the line that the United States draws (except during WW2 when America did the same thing to Japanese Americans).

This is clearly a humanitarian issue and it’s great that The United States is willing to take necessary action, however, I find the entire thing extremely hypocritical. But at the end of the day America is doing the right thing, right? Currently, we have a delicate balance with China and North Korea about trade and nuclear programs respectively. The sanctions would be on Chinese officials and include things like withholding visas and controlling technological exports that are used for the internment camps.

Humanitarians and legal right scholars have reported that the mass detainment of the Uighur Muslims is considered one of the highest human rights abuse in the Country in decades. When President Xi Jinping took control of China in 2012, the country became under authoritarian rule and oppressed many other ethnic groups such as the Uighurs and the Tibetans. Human Rights Watch said that the scope and scale of the human rights violations have not been seen in China since the Cultural Revolution between 1966-1976.

The internment camps force Chinese Muslims to attend classes, denounce Islam, study Chinese culture and pledge allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party. Detainees who have been release claim that Chinese officials also torture to provide “transformation through education.”

The United States might do the moral thing and impose sanctions based on the Global Magnitsky Act which states you can force sanctions on countries who have gross human rights violations. While there needs to be something done to stop this cruel genocide, starting WW3 might not be the best answer. Only time will tell how involved The United States will get.