Violence Against The Islamic Community In 2019: The Trump Effect

It’s no secret that attacks against members of many minority communities exploded during Trump’s 2016 campaign and have continued to rise ever since. Muslims, Hispanics, and transgender women are all among the most likely to be attacked, but why? It’s not just outright discrimination. Trump is willing to twist the words of the most respected members of the community to get what he wants.

When Representative Ilhan Omar made a speech in which she used the words “some people did something,” Trump retweeted a video that pasted the out of context soundbite alongside images of the 9/11 attacks. When the president of the United States uses a social media platform to take another person’s words out of context, it equates to an “incitement to violence,” which is exactly what former Texas Representative and Democratic candidate for the presidential nomination Beto O’ Rourke called it.

When a terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand left 49 people dead at two mosques, Trump unsurprisingly tweeted a Breitbart article. For those not in the know, Breitbart is a far-right website that uses words like “rapefugees” to express its readily apparent Islamophobia. If ever there was fake news, it’s Breitbart: they even manage to far surpass the level of deceit inherent in Fox News.

Of course, Trump has a long history of lying to the American public for no reason:

  • He told us that Barack Obama was Muslim.
  • When a supporter asked him how they would get rid of Muslims in the run-up to his 2016 election, he replied that they would “be looking at a lot of different things.”
  • In November 2015 he suggested that we should be spying on Mosques when he was a guest on “Morning Joe.”
  • He suggested he would implement a new database to keep track of Muslims who live in the country.
  • He said that “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrated the 9/11 attack from their homes in New Jersey.
  • In 2015 he outright suggested that all Muslims be banned from immigrating or entering the United States.
  • He said that “Islam hates us.”

The list goes on and one, but one thing is pretty clear: Trump is either a compulsive liar or a complete idiot with no real understanding of how the world really works, or what its people really want. Who would be surprised to find out that it might be a little bit of both? Is Trump someone we can really trust

According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, there has been an across-the-board 17 percent increase in recorded hate crimes and incidents involving racial bias from 2016 to 2017. The FBI confirmed those numbers. At this point the best way to address this enormous rise in hate-motivated crime is voting the highest bigot in all the land out of office.